Setting Styles

Center Stone Setting Design

The setting for a center stone draws the eye into the center diamond or gemstone but also enhances the overall beauty of your ring. Taking care in deciding how you'd like to display the center stone will ensure that your custom design is beautiful from all angles. Whether you'd like the ability to wear a wedding band flush against your custom engagement ring, or incorporate a particular floral design into a basket, we'll work with you to bridge aesthetic beauty and fine construction. 

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Low & High Profile Center Stone Settings

Rings that rest low to the finger are ideal for active lifestyles, while towering rings can evoke architectural splendor. When custom designing an engagement ring, consider how you'd like to wear your custom ring in your life. 

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Prong Settings

This type of setting secures a gemstone with metal projections called prongs around certain points of a diamond or gemstone. A prong setting allows light to shine through the diamond as its minimal presence sets the focus on the beauty of the center stone.

A 2-prong or 4-prong setting can create the illusion of a floating diamond. A 6-prong setting creates a classic engagement look where an 8 or more prong setting can add a unique accent to your engagement ring. To emphasize prongs as a strong design element, try a double prong setting, using precious metal in a different tone, or claw-shaped prongs. If your center-stone is a princess or marquis cut, try a V-prong to complement your diamond or gemstone's shape.

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Bezel Settings

Bezel settings create a beautiful, contemporary outline for diamonds or gemstones in engagement rings and other types of jewelry. In this setting, precious metal is fitted around the girdle of the diamond or gemstone. A bezel setting is recommended for individuals who want to avoid the possibility of snagging prongs on gloves or clothing, or those who would like an extremely secure and durable setting.

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Pavé Setting

Pavé, which means 'paved' in French, was originally used to describe the technique of seamlessly setting diamonds as if to create a paved road of diamonds. Like its etymology suggests, a pavé setting presents the illusion of a diamond surface by minimizing the appearance of prongs. Pavé settings can adorn ring shanks to brighten the overall appearance of an engagement ring with their incredible sparkle. 

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Channel Settings

This modern and sophisticated setting involves housing a row of diamonds or gemstones within a metal frame called a channel. The diamonds rest securely within the grooves, creating a sleek, contemporary look. A channel setting is ideal for those who love clean lines and effortless precision. The shape of round diamonds or gemstones are beautifully complemented by a channel setting's linear direction. Furthermore, princess- or baguette-cut diamonds can rest completely flush in this setting for a truly seamless effect. For something different, try alternating different gemstone shapes or between diamonds and colored gemstones.

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Flush Settings

Also known as a gypsy setting, a flush setting involves setting a diamond or gemstones within the shank of ring to create a smooth, low-profile setting. Try setting different diamond shapes in a pattern for a playful, contemporary look.

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