Gemstone Design

The Center Stone

Your center stone sets the tone of your custom piece. Emerald or asscher cut stones can bring a regal beauty to your piece. A marquis shape can help achieve a vintage vibe. A round shape can suit a whole range of traditional and contemporary looks. With unique faceting patterns, each cut reacts differently to light, exhibiting a brilliant sparkle or broad flashes of light. As each diamond or gemstone evokes its own unique beauty, there’s a shape for everyone. 

For information on diamonds and cut, see our Diamond Guide. 

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2-Stone "Toi et Moi" Designs

Also known as Toi et Moi, which means 'you and me' in French, 2-stone designs may be the most romantic of all time. The design of choice for Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte's beloved, Toi et Moi rings were popular at the turn of the century and have since reclaimed their symbolism in representing two souls intertwined for all time. When designing a Toi et Moi ring, one possibility is to aim for symmetry if you have two diamonds of a similar size and shape. If you have two distinctly different diamonds or gemstones, try complementing their uniqueness by considering the angle and proximity of the gemstones to each other.

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3-Stone Designs

A 3-stone diamond or gemstone setting symbolizes the trilogy of time: honoring the past, celebrating the present, and signifying hope for the future. In addition to their traditional symbolism, 3-stone rings can also represent friendship, love, and fidelity, or any trinity of meanings that are close to your heart. When designing a 3-stone ring, consider the shape and proportion of the outer stones to the center stone. You can also try adding a pop of color for a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind. While this design evokes a classic look, you’ll find that you can easily add your personal twist to it.


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5-Stone Designs

If you prefer something a little different with a classic appeal, a 5-stone ring may be the perfect design for you. With its broad look, a 5-stone ring can create a cascading gemstone design on the hand. Gently tapering the stones in size can create a beautiful arch. Accentuating different sizes and shapes can create a bolder look. Like a 3-stone design, consider the shape and proportion of the outer stones to personalize your custom design.

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As the name suggests, a halo encircles a center diamond or gemstone, adding an aura of radiant beauty. A halo can surround any gemstone shape or multiple gemstones. Halos can also come in different sizes and setting styles to suit vintage, romantic, and free-form designs. Try a double diamond halo or two-tone metals for a bold, powerful look. To add a subtle brilliance, use smaller diamonds. Halos can especially enhance the presence of center stones for a glittering look on the hand, but express an inherent beauty of its own.

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Side Diamond & Gemstones

Setting diamonds or gemstones along the shank of the ring can immediately add glamour to any custom design. There are an infinite number of possibilities depending on the selected diamond or gemstone melee. Try graduating diamonds of different sizes or gemstones of different colors for a streamlined contemporary look. Incorporate side stones in your design to add more glitter to 3-stone and 5-stone designs. For a bold, contemporary design, combine gemstones of different shapes and sizes to create a unique geometry that's all your own.

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