Ring Styles

Classic & Timeless

Symbolizing that which endures through change, classic engagement ring designs are untethered from time by representing what is the finest and most loved by all. For a ring that will be as beautiful in the next century as it was a 100 years ago, a classic design holds the promise of everlasting beauty.

Characterized by simplicity and the sense of natural beauty, a classic engagement ring radiates innate modesty and elegance. From a design perspective, a classic engagement ring beautifully interprets and enhances the essential elements of an engagement ring: the brightness of the center stone and the graceful shape of the setting. 

While classic designs such as solitaire or 3-stone engagement rings may be easily recognized and understood, they're by no means cookie cutter. A classic engagement ring can evoke glamor as easily as romanticism or powerful regality. 

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  • classic engagement ring

Modern & Contemporary

Clean, bold lines, unusual settings, and unique perspectives create the sleek edginess of modern and contemporary engagement ring designs. Their playful turn on conventional models comes hand in hand with a sense of unabashed expressivity. Modern and contemporary engagement rings often take a traditional design and voice an iteration of the idea that can be minimalist, powerful, or whimsical. 

In this sense, modern and contemporary engagement ring designs can represent the uniqueness of a loving relationship and the idiosyncrasies of the person who wears it. For those who love to be a little different, a modern or contemporary engagement ring can bring that right twist to a classic design.


  • rose gold grey diamond engagement ring
  • diamond channel engagement ring
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  • cognac diamond engagement ring
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Antique & Vintage

Retro, Edwardian, Art Deco, Victorian... History is a treasure trove when it comes to distinct artistic approaches and one-of-a-kind rings. Fine artisanal techniques and unusual gemstone cuts give antique and vintage engagement rings a old world charm.

Created in times when precious metals or gemstones were often harder to obtain, authentic vintage pieces were made by hand with new techniques and inventions which could create the most artistic value of those precious materials. For example, the ethereal aura of Edwardian jewelry was made possible by innovative techniques for working with platinum, a stronger metal suitable for crafting lace-like details. For those who love history, the stories behind a vintage engagement ring can evoke a sense of romanticism and old-world beauty.

While antique and vintage designs may have you feeling like you're traveling back in time, these styles can also be a source of inspiration for the present. Marrying elements of old and new in a custom designed vintage-style ring can bring together what you love most in designs across time. 


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True love can take your breath away like no other. For those who express that youthful, fresh feeling, a romantic engagement ring design can be an everlasting symbol of first love. 

While there is no set formula for a romantic design, they are characterized by a sense of play. Unique twists and turns or a nature-inspired motif creates the focal point of the ring's picturesque charisma. A sentimental touch such as a favorite flower in the basket design, or a vine-like twisted shank are a few ways to capture that romantic gesture.



  • custom rose gold moissonite engagement ring
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Unconventional & Free-Form

For the free spirit, an engagement ring that is inspired by the organic shapes of nature captures the uniqueness of things as they are. 

Free-form designs can take inspiration from anything in the world, making it all the more particular and personal to the wearer. Whether you want your engagement ring to symbolize where you and your partner met or you simply love the beauty of diamonds in the rough, an unconventional or free-form design is best rendered through a custom design.

  • custom bamboo opal ring