Koin 6 Judith Arnell Jewelers

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- A Portland woman known for her custom-made jewelry is making a name for herself in the running world.

At 72 years old, Judith Arnell has run eight marathons in 18 months

Arnell started her first jewelry shop more than 40 years ago. Her designs are eye-catching but it's the reason she started running that's really impressive... Read More




I first met Judith Arnell shortly after she opened her Pearl District store on NW 10th Ave. Everyone I’ve spoken with regarding Judith adores her, and she’s continually praised for her charisma and charm. For nearly a decade, she’s managed to remain one of the most sought-after jewelers in Portland, Oregon. She brings diversity to the table by creating custom, handmade jewelry while also offering a full line of high-end, designer jewelry in her store. While getting her start during the 1970s in Chicago, Judith quickly became one of the few women to operate her own jewelry business... Read More