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Client Story

Family Heirlooms For A New Generation

Custom Jewelry Ring Family Heirlooms

Judith worked with a client who had a ring that was past its 'style' date and needed to be repaired. The client also had a loose family diamond that was passed on to her by her mother. Between the ring and the loose diamond, there were 2 large diamonds and several smaller diamonds that needed to find their place in a new design for a ring.

The client wanted a custom design that resembled more of a wedding band than an engagement ring. She was looking for a ring that would be low to the finger, but was open to ideas and styles. Since designing for an even number of stones is unusual Judith came up with the idea to create an "infinity" design symbolic of the family's endless love, as represented by this family heirloom passed through the generations.

The process began by first sketching out the idea on paper during the consultation. The client selected 14K white gold to be used in the mounting. Judith suggested the option of adding additional diamonds to encircle the larger diamond stones to fill out the ring, which the client liked. After a consensus was reached, a quote was provided.

Next, a CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) was created to provide a realistic representation of what the final custom piece would look like. The client requested a slightly wider band after viewing the CAD. This detail was incorporated into the design and construction began. The ring was handcrafted to specifications.

Judith used her expertise to create a custom piece which was contemporary in its use of the infinity symbol, but classic in the workmanship and details. More importantly, Judith aimed for a design which would continue its function as a family heirloom and could be worn by the client's children and grandchildren.